What we do

Life Academy offers casual classes to help you kick ass at life.

Where we are

Currently all classes are held in Toronto.  We partner with fun and interesting event spaces to make every class unique.  Have an event space you think would be great for a class?  Contact us!

What we teach

Ummm….everything.  From budgeting to crafting, home repair to parenting, we have you covered.  Have a class you’d like to see?  Drop us a line and tell us about it!

Who are our teachers

All our teachers are experts in their fields.  We are constantly seeking out new talented and passionate people to spread their knowledge.  Think you’d like to teach a class?  Pitch us one and we can talk!

What classes are like

Classes are as different as the topics they teach.  That said, every class is designed so that you walk away with a skill, piece of knowledge or tool that will immediately make your life better, easier, or just more fun in some way.  Having a good time and getting to know people is important to us to, so classes have a very social vibe. Check out the class list.

Refund policy

It happens.  You register for a class and then something comes up. We get it!  If you find yourself in this situation up to 72 hours before the class starts, we will give you a credit for a future class.  Tickets are totally transferable, so you can also give your ticket to a friend right up to the start of the class, then just get the money from them! We can’t switch your class or give any sort of refund after the class happens.

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